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    12W High Performance

     Worldwide universal range AC and DC input
    ?  Built-in lightning protection surge,pulse group attenuator
    ?  Built-in EMC circuit Meets EN55032 ClassB rating
    ?  Synchronous rectified, differential mode filtering, common mode filtered output, Regulated, low ripple noise output
    ?  Small size: 40*32*16mm
    ?  Protection type: overload protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection
     No need for peripheral circuit design, PCB soldering installation
    ?  CE/RoHS certified 

    Compared with the 12W economy, EMC circuit, lightning protection and surge circuit, pulse group attenuation circuit, output common mode differential mode filter and output filter capacitor are added

    Click on the ACDC power module below to learn more

    系列標題 功率(W) 輸入電壓(VAC/DC) 輸出電壓
    輸出電路 隔離耐壓(VAC) 封裝形狀 封裝尺寸
    AP05N10-Zero 10 85~265VAC/100~370VDC 5 Single output 3000 DIP 40*32*16
    AP06N10-Zero 10 85~265VAC/100~370VDC 6 Single output 3000 DIP 40*32*16
    AP09N12-Zero 12 85~265VAC/100~370VDC 9 Single output 3000 DIP 40*32*16
    AP12N12-Zero 12 85~265VAC/100~370VDC 12 Single output 3000 DIP 40*32*16
    AP15N12-Zero 12 85~265VAC/100~370VDC 15 Single output 3000 DIP 40*32*16
    AP20N12-Zero 12 85~265VAC/100~370VDC 20 Single output 3000 DIP 40*32*16
    AP24N12-Zero 12 85~265VAC/100~370VDC 24 Single output 3000 DIP 40*32*16
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